Picture of the barograph

Mahogany cased barograph, Met Office pattern by Gradko

c1980 (see text).
Clean and good running order
Lovely Condition
Hinged case
Supply of charts


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Description of the item

Very attractive late 20th C (see below) barograph in excellent quality mahogany case, by Gradko. 13 diaphragm bellows, with an 8-day English made 'Gluck' movement.
In very good original condition. Running and recording well. Movement checked and oiled.
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Information about the maker

This came to us from a weather enthusiasts' home. It was retailed by Gradko in the 1980's but we strongly suspect it was 'New-Old-Stock' based on the quality English made movement it contains. It was sold as 'Met Office Pattern'.
Dimensions & Specification

Side hinged case, as shown in the large photos.

Unlike many of the later 'Gradko' barographs which seem purely built for functionality, this retains the look and quality of the late 19th / early 20th C models.

Dimensions: 315mm wide, 160mm deep, 200mm tall (handle down).
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Condition Report

This item has obviously been well cared for and came to us in good condition. The case was virtually mint and has just been cleaned and waxed. The movement has been oiled. The instrument is running to time for the full duration and recording well.
Cost of Restoration

Non required.
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