Picture of the Limton Smiths Enfield clock

Genuine Anglo Indian Striking Smiths wall clock with 12" Dial c1940

Approx 40cm overall diameter
Original dial, Brass bezel
Smiths mechanical movement
Guaranteed genuine 'Period' clock
(Not a reproduction)
Solid Teak case

Personalised dial available
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Description of the item
Good value fully prepared and genuine 'period' wall clock. (Not a repro). This one has an English made Smiths movement which was cased in India (hence Teak case). The dials and movements were shipped out in bulk, for local casing to save shipping costs. It's an interesting relic of how the Empire operated.

Many of these have been returned to the UK, very few retained their original dials.

Weekly wind mechanical movement with pendulum. This one strikes on two gong rods (described below). All fully prepared and running beautifully.
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Information about the maker
This has a English made Smiths movement which would be been exported out en-mass and cased locally (to save on shipping costs). This isn't a lash-up of different clocks, it is an original and interesting genuine example of how the clock industry developed. Many were re-imported about 12 years ago. Many mash-ups were created in the process. This one is totally original.
Dimensions & Specification
Solid Teak case. Brass bezel. 8-day duration good quality going-barrel (non fusee) movement. 12" original steel dial. Original painted brass hands.

Strikes on two gong rods. It counts the hour 'on the hour' and executes a single blow at 'half past'.

The overall diameter is approx 39cm diameter, 13.4cm deep.
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Condition Report
The teak case has an excellent finish. The dial shows desirable patination but is stunning condition and unrestored. Overall just what you'd be hoping for in a cared for 80 year old clock. Movement cleaned and service, brass and case polished.
The brass bezel has a slight dent at '22 mins to'. Hardly noticable but best pointed out.
Cost of Restoration

Non required. Occasionally we have fitted these with a personalised (perhaps with a chosen name and place) dial, fitted over the original. No originality is lost with this process, and it can easily be removed without leaving a trace if required at a later date. It adds around £80 to the cost depending on the text required).
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