Recommended Links

The following list details links to suppliers, other dealers and associations, which we are happy to recommend.

Setting your Rolling Moon : If you are lucky enough to have a clock which shows the phases of the moon, you can ensure it is set correctly by clicking the link below. This German site reads the settings on your PC to know where in the world you are situated, so the data should be correct. It takes a moment or two to understand but is then straight forward.
Check & calibrate your Rolling Moon
Set your barometer : The met office site which I find is best for calibrating our barometers and barographs. Convert their mpa data to the required 'inches of mercury' by multiplying by 0.02953 (For example, 1015mpa x 0.02953 = 29.97"). If you wish to compensate for being above sea level, add 1/10th of an inch for each 90 ft above sea level.
View the Surface Pressure Charts
ClockSpares : The UK's leading manufacturer of replacement parts for old clocks and barometers. They have a great mail order service (collect at the clock fair and save postage) and a much improved website. I've always found them very helpful & friendly.
Visit the ClockSpares Website
Horological Repair Service : Trevor Lowes offers a great repair service to the general public and clock dealers from his premises in Denton, Manchester. He has a very well equipped workshop and can tackle many major jobs which are beyond the scope of many restorers.
Visit Horological Repair Service's Website
Mayfield Books : Based in Ashbourne, UK, John Robey operates Mayfield Books and publishes many specialist horological books, including titles by Brian Loomes and Laurie Penman.
Visit the Mayfield Books Website
John Wardle Horological Materials : Established in 1946, Wardles are the largest UK production manufacturer of clock spares, components and materials for the professional clock restorer and dealer. Based in Ashbourne, UK.
Visit Wardles website and buy on-line
The Antiques Directory : The Antiques Directory aim to be the first port of call for UK-based Antiques Internet resources. You can serch for fairs and dealers by keywords or location.
Visit The Antiques Directory Website
Manchester UK : is a virtual encyclopedia of Greater Manchester. If it's in Manchester - you'll probably find it here.
Visit Manchester UK Website

Recommended Reading

The following list details some horological and antique related titles which we've found particularly useful. Don't forget to visit our own bookstore where we sell new and 2nd hand titles.

English Dial Clocks by R. Rose : A favourite book on a favourite subject. Rose's book is the definative title on the subject. A must if you are interested in either 'School' or Dropdial clocks.
ISBN:1 85149 062 0. Published by the Antique Collecters Club
We hope shortly to be stocking this book.
English Dial Clocks
British Antique Furniture by John Andrews : Justifying it's full title 'British Antique Furniture - Price Guide and Reasons for Values' this is another favourite. Very usefully it puts 2 similar items side byside and describes why one is worth 3 X more than the other. You'd have to travel thousands of miles to see examples as good as those shown here.
ISBN:1 85149 444 8. Published by the Antique Collecters Club.
We hope shortly to be stocking this book.
British Antique Furniture
Painted Dial Clocks 1770-1870 by Brian Loomes : This is the authoritative title and very readable. The nearest thing a clock book gets to a coffee table title. Very approchable, very readable. His catergorisation into Period 1-3 has been adopted widely. Our joint favourite. Essential reading if you are looking for a longcase with a painted dial and are not 100% sure of your seller.
Effectively out of print. For dealers and collectors, it is a must. For investors, a good bet. ISBN:978-1851491834. Published by the Antique Collecters Club.
We have one copy in stock Click Here
Painted Dial Clocks

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