Picture of the RAF Type 3 dial Clock byElliott

Genuine Elliott RAF 'Type 3' Oak wall clock with 14" Dial c1950

43cm overall diameter
Guaranteed genuine RAF clock
Photographic record of restoration
Solid Oak case

SOLD. Possiby another en-route

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Description of the item
Always popular and therefore often faked, this is a genuine c1950 RAF 'Type 3' Elliott wall clock. They replaced the lower quality type 2's as material supplies became better after the war finished. So we have a solid oak case and are back to a pendulum movement vs the plywood and platforms of the type 2s.

The movements are of 'going barrel' design vs the fusees of the type 1's, but are well made (nothing Elliott turned out was poor quality - It wasn't in their DNA!). Weekly wind. All fully and professionally restored.
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Information about the maker
Frank Westcombe Elliott was born into a famous clock making family and formed his own firm FW Elliott in 1923. They are most famous for their production of the RAF sector clocks which are credited with a major part in securing victory in WWII. The factory was bombed twice during the war. After the war they supplied clocks to the Government and the GPO. The company continued into the 70's, making excellent quality mantle clocks and was still run by the Elliott family.
Dimensions & Specification
Solid Oak case. Heavy brass bezel with silvered brass sight-ring. 8-day duration good quality going-barrel (non fusee) movement with tall 'A' frame plates. 14" steel dial. Original painted brass hands, ribbed for strength.

The overall diameter is approx 44cm diameter, 13cm deep.
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Condition Report
All the components are original. The clock came to us in a very distressed condition (see the last photo on the linked page). It has therefore benefited from a full (and expensive) restoration of all the components.
Photographic record pre-restoration.
Cost of Restoration

Non required.
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