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Top Quality Victorian Triple fusee musical bracket clock on 8 bells.

On 8 bells
2 Tunes
Georgian Style
Strike / Silent option
Impressive 47cm tall

From £3950

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Description of the item
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Lovely untouched late Victorian musical bracket clock in the George III style.
With 2 tunes playing on 8 bells every quarter (easy to silence at night).

If you are comparing prices, check the competition is on bells, not gongs.
Dimensions & Specification
Width and depth to follow. (Too deep for mantels). Chain driven 8-day triple fusee movement
Plays tunes on 8 bells at each quarter. Counts the hours on a gong.
Strike / silent option.
Information about the maker
Condition Report

Lovely original condition. All these musical clocks tend to be in good order, but this one has survived better than most.

Final price depends on degree of restoration and servicing, which depends on your tastes and if we can support a warranty at your location.
Cost of Restoration

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