Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Cotterill Wirksworth

Oak & Mahogany 8-day painted dial longcase clock by Cotterill of Wirksworth Derbyshire

Attractive Oak case
Pretty Painted dial
Very Original throughout
Fully prepared for sale.


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Description of the item

A lovely and decorative 8-day longcase (grandfather) clock made c1840. Very original throughout. Good Oak case (with mahogany trims) 7' 4" tall. Very pretty painted dial with good scene to the arch. Counts the hours on a bell. Cotterill was born in Bakewell and moved later to nearby Wirksworth.
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Information about the maker

John Cotterill was born in Bakewell in 1780. He worked in Coldwell Street in Wirksworth (which is 10 miles from Bakewell) from 1805-1848 and died at the age of 82. There are examples of his work in Buxton Museum. The case is typical of those made in Uttoxeter in this period which were sold to clockmakers in Cheshire / Staffordshire / Derbyshire etc. We believe it to be original to the dial and movement.

Dimensions & Specification

8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.
Painted dial 14 1/4"x20 1/8"
Dimensions: 7' 3 1/2" tall, max width 22". Depth 9 1/2"
The date indicator is a manual version. It could be made to work at a cost, but it was always intended to be a manual version.
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Condition Report

Fully restored ready for sale (dial cleaned and blackwork redone, movement professionally overhauled, case cleaned and waxed and odd small repairs made (mouldings etc)). The pendulum, the glass in the hood door, the lock in the trunk door and the winding key are replacements. A very good looking clock.

Cost of Restoration

Non required.

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