Picture of the J W Benson Fusee clock

Untouched J W Benson Carved Oak fusee wall clock, 10" dial

Untouched condition
Nice small size
Perfect for Country Kitchen

From £1095
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Description of the item
JW Benson are a very sought after retailer, and this clock has come to us in untouched but great condition. We've listed it without starting work on it as many customers want this 'sleepy' look.
A real quality clock, made to the highest standards, perfect to hang on the wall in your country kitchen.
Information about the maker
Very sought after retailer. We are unsure if they manufactured as well, but if they did buy-in, it was only the best quality items.
Dimensions & Specification
Carved oak case. 10" dial with cast bezel. 8-day movement with chain fusee drive.
14" overall diameter.

Condition Report
As untouched and as original as we have ever found. Could be enjoyed like this. Could be serviced (with warranty) but the exterior left sleepy, or it could be given the full-works to return it to showroom condition.
Cost of Restoration
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What to do next
If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this item.
Shipping in the UK is £40. Export shipping is possible but please enquire first.

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