Ships clock by Elliott

Elliott British made Military Bulkhead clock, 6" dial, dated 1962

Sought after Elliott model
Twist-off bezel
Broad-Arrow marks
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Description of the item
A really nice example of a 'Ships' bulkhead clock, this was made by the sought after firm F.W. Elliott of England. Fully numbered and stamped for 1962, with its Military Broad-Arrow mark.
Although called ships-clocks, it is thought they were used in many non-sea locations where durability and resistance to dust were important. The Elliott models have twist on/off rather than hinged bezels, presumably to aid sealing. Comes with an original Elliott (butterfly) key.
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Information about the maker
Frank Westcombe Elliott was born into a famous clock making family and formed his own firm FW Elliott in 1923. They are most famous for their production of the RAF sector clocks which are credited with a major part in securing victory in WWII. The factory was bombed twice during the war. After the war they supplied clocks to the Government and the GPO. The company continued into the 70's, making excellent quality mantle clocks and was still run by the Elliott family.
Dimensions & Specification
Multi-part brass case made to a high standard. Heavy cast twist-on/off bezel with thick bevelled glass.
8-day good quality movement with solid plates. Good quality platform escapement (original).
The rear 'flange' measures 207mm diameter. The front bezel measures 173mm dia. The total depth is 79mm.
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Condition Report
The dial shows a little character shown on the large photos (I can send a huge image on request). There are small (tiny) areas of touch up and some staining which together give a nice patina when viewed at a normal distance. The large photos tend to exaggerate the damage and make the dial darker than it really is. The case is in lovely condition, free from dents. It is lightly (but not too highly) polished. The movement has been cleaned and oiled. It is running for the full duration and to a good accuracy.
Cost of Restoration

Non required. Sometimes for domestic use, these clocks are fitted to a circular or rectangular wooden surround with a hanging hook. I can supply one of these to order in hardwood, stained and polished to your requirements, for an additional £70.
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