Picture of the Dent Bracket Clock

Top Quality double fusee striking bracket clock DENT London c1885.

Sought after maker
Surprisingly handsome!
Useful size (35cm tall)
Chain drived double Fusee movement
Engraved silvered dial

From £4250

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Stunning untouched striking bracket clock by DENT of London. Very sought after maker. Clock is untouched so would prefer to discuss and restore to order, so we don't over restore for your taste.

Shown untouched. Not even cleaned / waxed.
Great size, great name.
Dimensions & Specification
Chain driven 8-day fusee movement signed by the maker and numbered.
Counts the hours on a gong.
Information about the maker
Established in 1814 by Edward J. Dent, the company embraced the Victorian fervour for technological innovation and created precision chronometers to navigate the Royal Navy and guide some of the most intrepid explorers on their voyages. Dent proved a key player in Victorian horological history manufacturing the Standard Clock at the Royal Observatory. Dent also made probably the most famous clock in the world - the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament, familiarly known as Big Ben.
Condition Report
The clock is in untouched and undamaged condition. Shown before it we've even waxed it. We could just restore the movement and wax the case, or we could go further and resilver the dial etc. Its all possible but best decided by the new owner.
Cost of Restoration

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