'School' type clocks awaiting Restoration

We own the following clocks which are awaiting awaiting or undergoing restoration. Expressions of interest can greatly influence the order in which we restore them.
Getting in-touch now allows you to:
- request any simple photos (snaps) we may have
- request the 'first look' when complete
- buy them now, unrestored
- pay a deposit now ahead of agreed price restoration
Please don't simply wait for a particular one to be finished without getting in touch. We've been more or less working to order for the last 2 years so some of these may stay here 'for ever' without an expression of interest.
Largest Size (14
Largest Size (14" dials & above)
14" dials and above
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clocks awaiting restoration
Medium Dial Clocks
Medium Dial Clocks
12" Dials
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clocks awaiting restoration
Small Dial Clocks
Small Dial Clocks
8" & 10" dials
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clocks awaiting restoration

We buy and sell Antique Clocks & Barometers in Cheshire, Greater Manchester & Derbyshire. We always have a good choice of Longcase (Grandfather) / Bracket / School (English Dial) Clocks