About Us

About Us

Our Telephone Number 0161 408 2473
From outside of the UK, call +44 161 408 2473
Our mobile phone is 07734 680692 and is more likely to be answered.

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My name is Peter Hayes. I've owned and run Ho Ho Bird for approx 13 years.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you find the site helpful and interesting. We've tried to make the website as easy to use as possible. You will find the main navigation buttons on your left and also in the grey bar at the top.

We'd be interested to hear your impressions of the site and ideas for how we could make it better. You can email us directly by clicking on the 'Contact Us' button above.

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About Ho Ho Bird

As we said above, HO HO BIRD is owned and managed by Peter Hayes who is based in the North West of England. We aim to offer a high standard of service and sell only good quality and authentic goods. We specialise in investment-grade fine quality clocks and barometers in good original condition.

The HO HO BIRD was a mythical form of Phoenix originally used as a motif in Asian decorative art. It symbolised good fortune; specifically longevity, fidelity and wisdom.

Later, in the Georgian period, carved HO HO BIRDs started to appear on Georgian furniture (particularly mirrors), whilst painted HO HO BIRDs were often seen on quality porcelain.

We liked the idea of good fortune, longevity, fidelity and wisdom and the '.com' was available so the choice was made!
About our Website

We've recently made lots of changes to our website. We've tried hard to make it as interesting and error-free as possible but it is a large task (and we are doing it all ourselves) so please forgive any remaining errors / gaps.

Whilst the site has been built with e-commerce (i.e. 'Add to Basket') functionality for items up to £1000, we still prefer to talk to (and hopefully meet) potential customers. However the antiques world is changing rapidly and will work really hard to meet the needs of customers who need, or just prefer, an 'on-line' experience. That means giving accurate descriptions and detailed, honest condition reports.

With over 200 items to list, you can see that is quite an initial challange. Therefore if you need any more information, please get in-touch by phone or email.
Credit Card Security

We appreciate that everyone is concerned about the security of their identity details when they shop on e-commerce sites. Although all the following details are included in our Terms & Conditions pages, we wanted to bring our security measures to your attention here.

Rather than collecting your card details ourselves, and trying to keep that system secure ourselves, we've chosen to put all on-line payments through PayPal who have the most secure systems in place. You don't need to have a paypal account, you can just enter your card details as normal.
We never see your payment details, we just get notification from Paypal that you have paid. Paypal protect your sensitive information using state-of-the-art encryption, so your data is not available to anyone.

The golden rule is, if you are at all concerned by any aspect of the payment system, get in touch by email or ring us on 0161 408 2473. We'll find a way for you to pay that you feel comfortable with.
Our restoration Policy

When considering any type of antique, the general advice is to minimise the amount and impact of restoration. You can always do more restoration but it can never be undone.

However, our customers don't want shabby items in their homes. If there is no demand for shabby items then they will eventually be lost to us forever. We always work to a very high standard, doing some of the work ourselves. Where we don't have the skills, we use a small team of experienced specialists. We always clearly state the extent of any restoration work done.
With the new site, we've chosen to include some of our unrestored stock, with the hope of giving our customers the largest possible choice. We are happy to sell these items either fully restored, partially restored or unrestored (as bought) condition. We've tried to give an idea of the costs of possible restoration but often it is best to get in touch with us to discuss.

For the retail customer, it means we can discuss and agree the degree of restoration required. Because you are controlling the extent of the work, the total bill may be less than if the item was 'fully restored' for the shop. You can always do more later!

For the trade customer, it means we can show our full range and let them do the restoration themselves.

We buy and sell Antique Clocks & Barometers in Cheshire, Greater Manchester & Derbyshire. We always have a good choice of Longcase (Grandfather) / Bracket / School (English Dial) Clocks